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Services for Men

Educating and equipping men and dads

Services for Men

Dad2Dad is what we call our fathering program. It is a one-on-one coaching experience in which a seasoned dad is paired with a new or soon-to-be dad. We provide a personal coach for our dads and provide tools for being a better father. This is what Dad2Dad is all about!

The Need
Children need fathers. Fathers need role models. Many men grow up without a father in the home and then feel lost and ill-equipped to parent effectively when they become dads themselves. They need confidence and skills to break the cycle of fatherlessness and become the dads their child needs, 24/7


The Solution
Dad2Dad offers a proven curriculum that a dad and coach go through together at their own pace. “24/7 Dad”, developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative, teaches basic fathering skills such as being fair and loving, having fun, maintaining a healthy work/play balance, and developing character (both in the child and in the dad). Exploring relationships and how to strengthen the bond between the dad and mom are also covered.

The Next Step
First Step’s Volunteer Coaches are trained and available to any men interested in participating in our Dad2Dad program. Call or stop by to schedule your first meeting with one of our coaches and begin the process of becoming a great 24/7 dad!

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